About Debra Hamel

I'm the author of a number of books about ancient Greece written for the "intelligent general reader." I've also self-published some shorter works along the same lines: Killing Eratosthenes and The Mutilation of the Herms are chapter-length studies that anyone with an interest in history can enjoy. No prior knowledge of antiquity is assumed.

In what I suppose is the post-classical phase of my life, I first published a handful of crossword puzzles, and then I pivoted to concentrating on Esperanto (a constructed language first introduced to the world in 1887). Happily, I've found that reading and writing in Esperanto is at least as much fun as reading and writing in English.

You'll find a complete list of all these various sorts of publications here on this site. For my book review blog (800+ reviews posted since May 2003), see book-blog.com.